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Let's Bloom Together

WyldeFlower Workshop is an independent small business based in San Francisco owned by founder and floral designer, Kim Davies.


WyldeFlower Workshop was born out of a passion to create wild and whimsical dried and fresh floral creations for decoration, gifting, weddings, and special occasions, with minimal impact on the environment. 

Here at WyldeFlower Workshop, the goal is to be plastic-free throughout our business, from creation to carriage. Plastic products are often a cost-effective solution to many of our needs, so investing in alternatives means a large investment for small business owners like myself, but at an even larger cost for our planet. We only have one Earth, let’s look after her! 

Whether you are having an intimate wedding in a backyard or hosting a birthday party, I’m ready to make your floral vision come alive! 

image of kim, owner and floral designer at Wylde Flower Workshop  surrounded by flowers
floral designer arranging a floral centerpiece for a wedding

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